CPESN® Texas


Mission Statement: The goal of CPESN Texas is to improve the overall health of the citizens of the state of Texas by focusing on quality performance in all aspects of pharmacy practice to include implementation of enhanced pharmacy services, provision of high quality patient care, collaboration with other health care providers and key stakeholders, and working closely with payors to improve overall health care resources, utilization and costs.


The CPESN Texas Network was formed on March 1, 2017 when 20 Texas Pharmacists came  together in Austin.  The Texas Network is open to any individual pharmacy, whose services meet all of the Network’s minimum required services.   In August 2017, Texas was one of five networks with a member on the CPESN USA Board of Managers. The CPESN Texas Network has grown by reaching out to pharmacy friends, and doing mass faxing of information pages to all independent pharmacies in the state of Texas.  CPESN Texas has had several inquiries from insurance payers about our network.  Texas is a large state so we hope to have many more pharmacies join our network.


For more information, contact Trena Weidmann at twrph@airmail.net or 903-874-5691 




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